This project received wide ranging support and funding from a variety of sources. As well as the many generous hours that staff from Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan and Curious Legends donated to this project, our financial supporters were crucial to the success of this project.

Thanks to the Australia Indonesia Institute for the initial funding that made this project a reality.

Australia Indonesia Institute

Thanks further to the Catalyst Australian Arts and Culture Fund from the Ministry of the Arts – your support enabled a whole other dimension to this project which would not have been possible without this generous funding.

Catalyst - Australian Arts and Culture Fund


Lastly, thank you to our many and varied crowd-funding supporters! This kind of work cannot happen without passionate, engaged and generous individuals like yourselves all around the globe… thank you!

Below is a list of all of our private supporters wishing to be named:

  • Patty
  • Mariamma Mitchell
  • Heidi Raven
  • Rochman Reese
  • Vickoz
  • Khali Young
  • Rosana Schutte
  • Catherine Alexopoulou
  • Tom Dawkins
  • Candy Royalle
  • Alexandra Nichols
  • Yvonne Luu
  • Rex Littlewood
  • Kristy Schubert
  • Eleanor Winkler
  • Jennifer Andersen
  • Dan Shine
  • Toby Knyvett
  • Angie Macmillan
  • Roseanna Jansse
  • Rosanne Favre
  • Jennifer Wu
  • Shangbin
  • Ailsa Wild
  • Emily Jane
  • Cathryn Kohn
  • Tamara Moffat
  • Sandra Fiona Long
  • Jeremy Foster
  • Latimah Jones
  • John Loizou
  • Kate Phoebe
  • Jannelle Stein
  • Kirstie Edwards
  • Alex Jones
  • Kay Yasugi
  • Sascha and Townsend McCracken
  • Victoria Ryle