More Workshops!

Tomorrow is our very last workshop. These have been an immensely rewarding experience, allowing us to meet and learn with over three hundred children so far! We’ve held workshops at a couple of schools in Palangkaraya, as well as smaller regional schools in Rungan Sari, Suka Mulya, Sei Gohong, Banturung, Habaring Hurung.


There is usually so much excitment to see the Bulai (foreigners) that we ended up teaching a workshop to two classes, totalling at 30 kids who sat squashed around all the corners of the room. (Attempting to press back as far into the wall as possible, so as not to be chosen to demonstrate some exercise or other). No matter where we looked, through the little windows by the ceiling or through the door, we could see more little eyes and faces vyying to get a good view of the action.

The workshop are an essential part of the project. There are several goals for the workshops; To give kids basic drama skills and have fun, and to consult on environmental issues and general Kalimantan info. We’ve learned some fascinating stuff; most kids’ families grow their own food to eat and sell. There is already a good awareness of pollution, illegal logging and burning. There is also a lot of love and enthusiasm for the local environment and its creatures. We have taken all of this information and incorporated it into the content of the show. The best bit is we then invite those kids to return, and be a major part of the performance in their village!