Permaculture 101

First up on Friday we observed one of YPK Director Jayardi’s permaculture workshops at their site, which gave us an enlightened perspective about overarching principles, but also more specific info about the area and local practices. We also had a real treat exploring the centre’s zoned gardens and tasting exotic delights fresh from the earth; guava, jackfruit, coconuts and flower petals. There are also lots of exciting things currently under construction; a hydroponics system, banana circle ( what is that??) and moveable chicken coops. You can find out more about what’s happening here on the YPK website, and lots of cool live updates and images on their Facebook page.

Permaculture Kalimantan

We had a fantastic in depth discussion about concepts, concerns and creative ideas for the performance. We have also made a few more visits to Palangka Raya, to gather supplies, meet people, scout locations and see the sights.

kupi tambi cakes Kupi Tambi gets an honourable mention! Still adjusting to the heat and with several children in tow one day, it was all getting a bit much. We found cool respite in Kupi Tambi which is a relaxing cafe on Yos Sudarso. They had great coffee and comfy couches on which we were able to zone out and watch dramatic Indonesian pop music videos.

chocolate tempura kupi tambi

A special treat the end – the owner Henny was trying out recipes for her new tea-house, set to open in two months. She insisted we act as taste testers for a range of fabulous delicacies; traditional Javanese cakes, her original creation of chocolate and coffee mudcake, and chocolate tempura with green tea. Everyone gave her a big thumbs up!