Visit From the Green School

Today was another very cool day!

We were excited to be invited to see a presentation from the Green School, Bali. The Green School are leaders in environmental and sustainability education, with an incredible open air learning environment in Bali and a holistic curriculum. You can learn more about them here.

Green School students
Green School students

The presentations were great, with a series of educational videos, singing and talks from the young activists. FYI their snazzy outfits are all designed and made from waste, how cool is that? The students who presented were participants in after school sustainability classes, and the discussions that followed gave us a good insight into pertinent issues and knowledge around action in the area. The young people had a constructive dialogue about plastic bags and waste reduction, mercury poisoning in the river systems and burning for palm oil plantations.

BCU, the local school in Rungan Sari also presented a couple of gorgeous musical numbers. There is some real talent and angelic voices here!

We also had the opportunity to speak briefly about our project and encourage the students from the local school to get involved.

A real highlight was the Balinese beat boxing, for which everyone went wild. It escalated when a local kid from BCU took the stage (after much coercion) and improvised with the visitors in an epic beat-boxing collaboration!

Later in the afternoon we had a great opportunity to meet with two representatives from the ethical cosmetics company Lush, visiting from Miami. It was great to talk shop over avocado smoothies and watermelon, and stretch our legs with a walk to the forest in the evening.

The team at Sukamulya including Pak , Andreas & Frankie from Lush, little Muranti, Frederika and William sharing jackfruit
The team at Sukamulya including Pak , Andreas & Frankie from Lush, little Muranti and William

Finally after dinner we were also delighted by the return of William! William is an Australian permaculture graduate volunteering with Yayasan Permakultur. He was looking so happy and healthy after having been away resting up in hospital with Dengue Fever (also known as break-bone fever, due to the sensation that all your bones are being snapped in half). So good to have him back and restored to his former self!